Homeschooling News for the New Year


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I am increasingly using the internet as a means of sharing homeschooling information, and I plan to do more in the new year. It started as a way to reach the families homeschooling through Cedar Life Academy PSP, but I have chosen to keep it public and freely available so that other interested families will be supported as well.  Here are three ways to receive my homeschooling updates, and since each has different information, I encourage you to sign up for all three!

  I recently began using Pinterest as a filing system for my homeschooling links that I want to share. I have 11 homeschooling boards with information about general homeschooling, homeschooling teens, young children, special circumstances, and more!  There are book lists as well as parenting support and homeschooling humor. I hope you will find it a helpful resource! The easiest way to take advantage of this is by “following” me or bookmarking the page.

  I also have a Homeschooling News Facebook Page.  If you are on Facebook, please “like” it.  Once you have done that, I recommend that you take one more step to ensure that you receive all of my updates.  Facebook no longer sends out every status update to those who have liked a page unless they add that page to their interest list.  Here are the directions to put all of your liked pages in your interest list:  While on any of your liked pages, click the blue “liked” button and then click “add to interest list”.  You will then be able to add it to your existing list or click “new list” and set up a new group.  It’s a Facebook nuisance, but it’s worth figuring out and then doing it for every page that you have liked.  You can find any current interest lists at the bottom of the left column of your home page.

You are reading my blog right now, but are you subscribed? Click here to subscribe to my blog and you will receive an email notification when I add a new post.  The topics I write about and the links that I add are usually based on something homeschooling parents have asked me about, so it may answer your question too!  I also have great links and information on my website!