Registration is currently closed!

I have reluctantly closed enrollment for the current school year and am no longer accepting new applications so that I can best serve my currently enrolled (or in the process of enrolling) Cedar Life Academy families. It was a hard decision to make because I love helping homeschoolers, but I have been flooded with new inquiries and registrations this year, along with most of my families coming back for another year. CLA is full!

Although I established my Facebook homeschooling page, Pinterest, and blog for those enrolled in my school, I have always kept them public as a way to share homeschooling information with everyone. I also have catalog suggestions and other resources, a book and game list, and beginning homeschooling information. There are links to getting started in homeschooling with the assistance of California's state homeschooling organizations, and information about finding a park day in your community at

I hope that you might find information at these sites that will help you. I'm glad you want to homeschool. It's a great decision!

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