Working on Physical Skills Helps with Reading, Writing, and Learning!

Helping your child develop his/her fine and gross motor skills is critical, yet often overlooked.  It’s not on the end-of-the-year public school standardized test, so there may not be time in school unless a child is labeled as having special needs.

Learning to hop, balance, catch, skip, and cut are just a few physical skills that will help a child strengthen his ability to learn. Fortunately, practicing them is fun, and I found a terrific site that has loads of suggestions!

The Anonymous OT is written by a pediatric occupational therapist who offers tips on helping all children develop important skills. While there are some special needs categories that may help some of you with a specific problem, I’m going to suggest that the Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills categories are good places for everyone to begin. You’ll find lots of educational ideas for teaching your children the way they learn best – by moving and playing!

These are the skills that will help with reading, writing, and learning. They are better than a workbook, and a lot more fun!

**Special note to a few of you.  Do any of the following descriptions describe you?

  1. You worry that something fun can’t be good. 
  2. You worry that there is no proof at the end of the day showing that learning happened. 
  3. You weren’t happy with your child’s former school, but you still feel your child should sit down and do real work just like he did in school.
  4. You don’t want your child to feel like not going to school is one long vacation.

Ok, if you need proof that your child did something to promote learning today, take a picture!  Journal activities.  And if you’re worried that it’s all looking like a bunch of party games and way too much fun, just look at who compiled the list.  A professional.  Someone who is hired to help kids make their bodies and brains work better.  It’s all about learning. 

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