The best way to contact Cedar Life Academy is by email. When you email, please include your phone number. Our phone number is not published on this website in order to cut down on junk calls, however all Cedar Life Academy families are given the phone number at registration.

FAX: 866-961-2504
Mailing Address: 2070 N. Broadway #5222 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Karen Taylor has been actively involved in the homeschooling community since 1996. She has helped thousands of parents homeschool!

While homeschooling her son, she also participated statewide in writing and speaking about homeschooling. She was California Homeschool Network's legal chair for 10 years, and was part of the 5 group team (CHEA CHN, FPM HSC, and HSDLA) that successfully fought the 2008 legal challenge that stemmed from the In re Rachel L case. She served CHN in many capacities, including as Trustee and President, and in 2003, she launched the CHN Family Expo, and coordinated the first 6 Expos.

In 2008, Karen's home educated son graduated and enrolled in college, and she continued her passion for helping homeschoolers by becoming the Director of Cedar Life Academy. In 2016, Karen's daughter Kristen joined the CLA team. Kristen has a Bachelor's Degree in Music and came to CLA with a 20 year background in teaching piano and singing, both privately and in schools. She is a former CHN Family Expo volunteer, and is a strong homeschooling advocate with experience helping families. Together, Karen and Kristen are helping homeschoolers throughout California!

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