Monthly Archives: June 2012

Looking Beyond Toys

Photo by Sizemore The library bookstore where I volunteer recently received a donation of very old shorthand books. A question was asked about keeping them or not, since few people learn shorthand these days. While a collector might grab them, I had another reason for wanting them put out for sale. I would have purchased […]

Homeschool Dads

Photo by Sean Dreilinger Some dads actively help with the homeschooling, but there are others who I think would love to get more involved if they knew how they could help. Dads may think of homeschooling as Mom’s job if they are the one away from home during the day. If that is the case, […]

Ready for College?

Updated 9/26/2022 Do you sometimes feel that you’re the only one with a homeschooled high schooler who isn’t enrolled in community college as a concurrent student or early graduate? You aren’t alone! Being able to start college early is a great benefit for the teens who are both academically and emotionally ready, and very motivated […]