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A Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Civics!

When should you teach civics?  For public school teens, it may be a semester course in their senior year. They’re almost voting age, so that makes sense. But what about homeschoolers? It often happens when there is interest in learning more.  Perhaps it’s a legislative bill that a teen is interested in.  Or an election. […]

From Homeschooler to College Student: Successfully Transitioning Your Teen to College

Updated 9/25/2022. While public school kids may be sent off on their own as soon as they graduate, homeschooled kids often benefit from continued mentoring from their parents while gaining experience with teachers, tests, and grades. This is something we homeschoolers tend not to talk about, and I think we should. The first year after […]

It’s NOT Helicopter Parenting!

Updated 9/26/2022 If you homeschool long enough, your teens are going to grow up, and what happens then might make such a difference in their lives. Parents typically separate from their kids at age 5, if not earlier. It hurts, but they try to get over it, and their kids go about dealing with schools […]

What Will Your Teen Do After Graduation?

Updated 9/26/2022 If your teen is in their last year of homeschooling, it’s time to help them think about their adult future. Many teens don’t have a clue what to do and are overwhelmed, especially when friends and family start asking them. They need your support! You can get the discussion started now, but some […]

Ready for College?

Updated 9/26/2022 Do you sometimes feel that you’re the only one with a homeschooled high schooler who isn’t enrolled in community college as a concurrent student or early graduate? You aren’t alone! Being able to start college early is a great benefit for the teens who are both academically and emotionally ready, and very motivated […]