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How to Begin Homeschooling When You Don’t Know What to Do!

Updated 9/30/2022. Just do it. You think you want to homeschool, but you’re not ready. You may never be. And if you’re a perfectionist, it’s even worse, because your plans will never be perfect enough. So just do it. Jump in and declare that you are homeschooling and then worry about the rest after you’ve […]

The Best Homeschooling Advice Ever!

1. Fit The Curriculum To The Child, Not Vice Versa. You know your child, their special talents, particular stumbling blocks, courage, trepidations, needs, indifferences, and dreams.  Bring this wonderful insight with you to every homeschooling day, let it color your every decision about what they need to learn and when.  Above all, remember that your […]

Homeschool Advice from “Experts” and Others!

Updated 9/28/2022 If you’re new to homeschooling, you are probably eagerly soaking up all the information you can. There are authors, conference speakers, websites, homeschool catalogs, homeschool social media, and photos of decorated school rooms all seeking your attention. It can be overwhelming. With so many different opinions, they can’t all be right (at least […]

Taking it One Day at a Time: Why you may not need to know what you’ll do tomorrow.

Updated 9/29/2022 Almost all new homeschoolers worry about what they are going to teach their child. Why only yesterday they were deciding to homeschool and today it’s overwhelming since they don’t have their curriculum yet! Eventually, they’ll figure it out. But for now, they are in panic mode. It’s going to be ok. Here’s how […]

“We’re Homeschooling” – breaking the news to your family!

Updated 9/29/2022. Most parents, even if they are quite committed to the idea of homeschooling, have a few insecurities as the moment arrives to make that final decision and begin homeschooling. The school has an enrollment deadline, and you let it pass. The school bus goes by that first day, and your child is not […]