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Loving Learning?

We often talk about the love of learning. Why? Shouldn’t that be a no-brainer and nothing special? Just as natural as breathing? Some children lose their love of learning at school. It can happen suddenly or so slowly that we may not even notice it happening, kind of like a dull constant pain that a […]

Yes, There’s a Reason Why You Think You Need Preschool Curriculum!

Updated 9/28/2022 I’m so glad my son enjoyed his preschool years without either one of us worrying about lessons. I wrote about not having regrets when he left for college. Throughout most of history, parents have cared for their young child’s daily needs without thinking about lessons, curriculum, or meeting some sort of educational standard. […]

It’s NOT Helicopter Parenting!

Updated 9/26/2022 If you homeschool long enough, your teens are going to grow up, and what happens then might make such a difference in their lives. Parents typically separate from their kids at age 5, if not earlier. It hurts, but they try to get over it, and their kids go about dealing with schools […]