Monthly Archives: May 2012

What Does Your Child Want to Learn?

photo by Thejaswi New homeschoolers often ask me what they should teach their child. Getting started is hard because parents sometimes worry 10 years ahead instead of planning for today. I encourage parents to ask their child what they would like to learn. Some children are so accustomed to schools telling them what to do […]

Famous Homeschooler List – Because Sometimes it’s Nice to Know About Others

I wrote this famous homeschooler list over a decade ago. I was reminded of it recently while talking to a young homeschooler about General Patton. Patton was homeschooled and his father read military history to him until he was ready to read at age 12. I’ve always thought that was an inspirational story for all the […]

4 Ways to Get Your Child to Listen

Photo by Bindaas Madhavi A mother recently asked me for help because her children had stopped listening to her. When kids stop listening, parents often start yelling and nagging, and that leads to even less listening! It’s a vicious circle that you can stop. Today! 1. Speak quietly. Maybe even whisper at times if you […]

“My Daughter Homeschools”

The following was written by a grandma who used to worry about her daughter’s choice to homeschool.  Thanks to Michelle Huelle and her mom for giving permission to share these heartfelt comments! Photo by Sand Dragon “My daughter homeschools” – I used to whisper this to my friends so no one else would hear and […]