“My Daughter Homeschools”

The following was written by a grandma who used to worry about her daughter’s choice to homeschool.  Thanks to Michelle Huelle and her mom for giving permission to share these heartfelt comments!

Photo by Sand Dragon

“My daughter homeschools” – I used to whisper this to my friends so no one else would hear and judge me for her mistake.

When she first announced her decision to follow this path, I was concerned. No, not concerned but scared to death that she was going to ruin my grandchildren. They were going to become one of those weird, annoying groups that we look down our nose at!

Well, I was wrong.

I’ve watched not only the kids but their mother become strong, independent, INTELLIGENT, individuals. I can’t keep up with all they are learning and exploring.

They have encouraged me to look outside the box when it comes to my own future. Annoying – yes, in a good way.

Today, I love telling everyone I know “MY Daughter Homeschools” and I shout it with pride!!


Karen Taylor’s always homeschooled son attended a local community college after graduating from homeschooling. He transferred to UC Berkeley as a junior, and received a PhD in neuroscience from UCSF.  She shares homeschooling comments and links on Facebook, Pinterest, and this blog.