Monthly Archives: November 2012

Thanksgiving Survival Tips for Homeschoolers

Thanksgiving is the first big family holiday of the school year, and you may be seeing some people for the first time since you started homeschooling. It’s possible that someone may express their worry, so just take a deep breath and be prepared! You really can have wonderful holiday visits with family and friends. Just […]

What Will Your Teen Do After Graduation?

If your teen is finishing up his/her last year of homeschooling, it’s time to help him think about his adult future. Many teens don’t have a clue what to do and are overwhelmed, especially when friends and family start asking them. They need your support! You can get the discussion started now, but some teens […]

Homeschooling (and identifying!) the Gifted Child

Many parents who contact me are considering homeschooling because their child is miserable in school.  Some are even failing.  And sometimes, after hearing them describe their child, I may ask if they think he/she is gifted. Most parents say no.  How could their child be gifted if they are doing poorly in school?  Or maybe […]