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Getting Lost and Other Games!

When my kids were young, one of our favorite car games was called “Getting Lost” – a name chosen because it appealed to their sense of adventure!  Sometimes while I was driving in town I’d surprise them by asking “what do you think would happen if I turned here instead of going straight, the way […]

Everyone Deserves a Childhood: Unschooling gifted kids

  I worry about young gifted kids. In the excitement of noticing that their child seems to learn faster than others, some parents think that their child needs to be tested, tutored, accelerated, and maybe even isolated from non-gifted kids. If these parents ask for help online, I sometimes notice suggestions about curriculum or early […]

Yes, There’s a Reason Why You Think You Need Preschool Curriculum!

I’m so glad my 22-year-old son enjoyed his preschool years without either one of us worrying about lessons. Throughout most of history, parents have cared for their young child’s daily needs without thinking about lessons, curriculum, or meeting some sort of educational standard. But in recent years, “home preschool” has been growing in popularity – […]

Welcoming Dirt Into the Curriculum

I wrote this years ago when my son was playing in dirt daily. It wasn’t always easy to let him play like this, and doubt and worry popped up from time to time that had me momentarily thinking he should be doing something more important!  As you’ll read, it became clear to me that when […]

Homeschooling (and identifying!) the Gifted Child

Many parents who contact me are considering homeschooling because their child is miserable in school.  Some are even failing.  And sometimes, after hearing them describe their child, I may ask if they think he/she is gifted. Most parents say no.  How could their child be gifted if they are doing poorly in school?  Or maybe […]