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Does the Thought of Homeschooling Scare You?

  Will your child be enrolled in school next year, or will he/she be homeschooled? It’s a decision that many parents are making right now. You may be an experienced homeschooler and not know it! If you have a preschooler who has been home with you since birth, then you’ve been homeschooling for 5 years! […]

Loving Learning?

We often talk about the love of learning. Why? Shouldn’t that be a no brainer and nothing special? Just as natural as breathing? Some children lose their love of learning at school. It can happen suddenly or so slowly that we may not even notice it happening, kind of like a dull constant pain that […]

Thanksgiving Survival Tips for Homeschoolers

Thanksgiving is the first big family holiday of the school year, and you may be seeing some people for the first time since you started homeschooling. It’s possible that someone may express their worry, so just take a deep breath and be prepared! You really can have wonderful holiday visits with family and friends. Just […]

Changing Public Opinion About Homeschooling

Rude comments from the inlaws. Strange looks in the grocery store. A raised eyebrow at the doctor’s office. A front page news story that perpetuates a homeschooling myth. A soccer friend who tells your kid he’ll never get to college because he’s homeschooled. We know homeschooling works, but we’re often surrounded by people who think […]

Distractible, Messy, Disorganized, and Fill-In-the-Blank Kids Often Thrive at Home Without Drugs!

It’s devastating when school authorities gang up on you and tell you your child is such a problem that drugs are the only answer. Unfortunately, it happens all too often, and many parents assume the “experts” have to be correct. When a parent contacts me because the school is slapping labels on their child, the […]