My new blog, and family update

I suppose a blog was inevitable. I enjoy posting to my Homeschool News Facebook page, but sometimes I have wanted to write more than what works for that medium. I want to be able to write about things that might help other parents.  Now.  A blog seems like a perfect solution!

2012:  It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about my young homeschooler, and now I’m the mom of two adults, as this photo of the three of us reminds me!

David was homeschooled until college. He will soon graduate with an AS degree and is waiting for responses to his university applications. [May 2012 update – he was accepted at 4 UC campuses, and chose Berkeley.] He’s a biology major, with an interest in neuroscience. He works as an after school math tutor at a public high school, which shows that little homeschoolers who don’t want to study math can grow up to be quite good at it when the time is right for them to learn!  David designed and maintains this Cedar Life Academy website.

I still remember the early homeschooling years and the worries, and I love encouraging and supporting parents. Homeschooling was a wonderful experience for our family, and I’m so glad we chose this educational option – yes, we parents do have an option and can decide what is best for our children!

2023 Updates!   David received a PhD in neuroscience from UCSF.  Kristen was my awesome assistant for the 6 years that I coordinated the CHN Family Expo, and many homeschoolers who attended the conference during those years met her.  She has been working with me to help CLA families since 2016.



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