What Year-Round Homeschooling Looks Like!

Are you considering homeschooling year-round but worried that it would be too exhausting to never have a break? Years ago someone asked how it was different from following the public school schedule with time off from “school”.  My response was:

I don’t teach year-round, I respond year-round, and that’s a big difference! So yes, it’s 24/7, since you never know what time of day or year a learning moment might happen. I think you’ll find a lot of homeschoolers do that. We respond and facilitate, and help our kids learn. It’s so natural, it’s not drudgery at all.

Summer is a good time to give it a try since it fits well with vacation time. Be there when needed. Respond. And watch the learning continue! It will fit in easily with your other summer plans!

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